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How to create synergies in teams operating either in hybrid or remote modes?
We know the solution that works effectively both for startups and large companies from Fortune 500 list
A coaching approach brings new flexible management styles to a company
of coaching projects around the world are carried out using team coaching
HR-specialist on L&D use coaching too
of leaders learn coaching competencies to implement a coaching approach in their management style
Analysis of Coca-Cola results shows that after introducing the coaching culture in the company:
Rise of trust level
Improvement of interpersonal relationships
Increase of proactivity and responsibility, implementation of innovative approaches
Decrease of staff turnover by 52%
And thereby the company reduced recruitment expenses by investing into employees’ development
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Victoria Delebis
Today the number of companies with a hybrid work mode when part of employees work remotely is rising
70% of companies can’t arrange an effective interaction in such a format
That’s why the productivity is decreasing and dynamics is falling
The team is fragmented because of a hybrid schedule
There’s no coherence in actions, contact between co-workers is lost. Employees burn out and quit, stop feeling like part of the team
Employees don’t communicate with each other
That slows the work process. Every person does just their part of work losing the connection with the common goal and focus on the most important things.
Incentive systems stop working
For employees working in hybrid/remote mode; changes are required to reach maximum productivity in teams
When part of a team is in the office and the other
Part works remotely – how to run effective meetings?
It’s difficult for leaders to feel the team members’ mood
and support the atmosphere of transparency and acknowledgement

Pandemic has already shown that changes are inevitable. It’s necessary to seek for new flexible solutions with a remote mode.
What can be changed exactly in your company?
We will be pleased to tell about team coaching possibilities
We suggest
Companies a solution that will help remote and hybrid teams really grow!
You will feel
This in practice with your real business-task in real time!
As a result of our cooperation
A team will find its effective process
of interaction, leaders will see how it’s possible to organize remote teams and set up a working process
Irrespective to schedules and work mode, team members’ location, your results will grow
Leaders will be able
to better understand team members
All the team will work closely together, you don’t have to constantly “push” employees and do micromanagement
Employees will become more organized, will manifest responsibility and initiative
All team employees will understand common goals
And think more globally not limited to just their part of the project
How do we accompany you on the way to result?
Define the underlying goals with the customer, leaders and their teams individually
Carry out diagnostics of a team and its leader to understand what is missing and what should be worked on
Select professional coaches and trainers for your team individually
Depending on requests and priorities
Create an action plan and set the terms of the project so that you could move straight ahead to the goal
Coaches work individually with leaders and employees as well as with a whole team as a group. We approach the work in a holistic manner
What solutions do we suggest?
Team coaching
Individual coaching
Team coaching
Individual coaching
Why is team coaching?

Team coaching allows to set up communication and interaction processes flexibly and without using directive methods:
To communicate a common goal to all team members
To reduce conflict situations in a team to minimum
To raise team engagement
To help unleash employees’ potential in full
To raise awareness of team members so that they could make decisions independently and take responsibility
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All ON.SUPPORT coaches are accredited under International standards of ICF – the world’s largest coaching federation
Our team brought together
206 coaches from 8 countries of the world
Working in 5 languages
And having more than 5000 practice hours
You will work with the best coaches of Eastern Europe

Andrii Nekrasov
Master Certified Coach
CoachingUP Founder
Victoria Delebis ­
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF
CoachingUP Board Member, trainer, mentor, supervisor
Iryna Gorbacheva
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF
CoachingUP Board Member,
trainer, mentor, supervisor
Jean-Francois Cousin
Master Certified Coach (MCC) ICF
ICF Global President in 2019

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