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TOP companies use Well-being programs on a regular basis:
Health, self-realization, work-life balance – are basis of Google well-being program
The program is focused on caring not only about employees but also about their families. Google creates conditions so that people could spend more time with their beloved and close ones

Support volunteering and charity by providing extra days off and reimbursing donations.
To achieve more is the company’s goal reflecting in its well-being program.
The company adjusted the program to expand opportunities for its employees: to define their goals, find motivation to work, unleash their potential

To create the atmosphere and to support emotional state the employees are provided a 12-week vacation and offsite events

And for their professional growth the world’s largest HACKATHON for experience and idea exchange was launched
The company demonstrates its trust to people and gives them a sense of security and understanding by
Having organized a very flexible approach to work: an unlimited vacation on demand – whenever it is needed and for any term

Retaining strong team players, the program offers care about young parents: a maternity leave up to one year

Why are they doing all this?
So many efforts – what for?

In modern world it’s very important for people to feel happy
Sales by
fewer sick leaves
Performs tasks by
more precisely
A happy employee:
Gallop Institute did a complex research that took place in 150 countries. They analyzed opinion of 98% of the globe’s population.
Well-being is the key secret to success
a balance of 6 elements
Emotional health
Your people’s resilience and harmonious state = healthy environment at work place. Extra time and resources are released
Physical health

Keeping fit, healthy food, action-relaxation balance – is the secret to vitality and high productivity
Social ties
Good communication and atmosphere at work place, a united team – are the conditions where genius ideas are born!
Favorable atmosphere
A comfortable office and work places, a lounge area, where you can recharge yourself, makes work not a jail, but a home
Professional realization
A promising employee is developing all the time and so is the whole company.
Such teams are highly client-oriented and this is valued by their clients greatly!
Financial stability
How to manage and allocate personal finances properly
66% of people succeed in at least one of these spheres, but!
Only 7%
are successful in all six ones
That’s why most companies face painful problems
Business cost-efficiency is constantly decreasing due to settling internal problems and lack of team initiative
It’s impossible to “push” employees all the time
There’s no corporate culture and effective communication between team members
Constant problems due to lack of common goals understanding
Frequent cases of trauma at work due to employees’ fatigue or distraction
It’s hard not only mentally but also financially
It’s necessary to constantly work with the personnel to onboard new employees, adapt and try to reduce personnel turnover
It’s difficult to develop a company under such circumstances
Well-being programs include a range of activities to improve indicators in all areas
So that your people feel comfortable and could be active, involved and productive at work
What elements can be in the program?
Medical check-ups

Eyesight prophylaxis

Sport area organization

Trainings on healthy eating

Programs on stress management
Workshops on financial literacy

Interest-free loans for

Mutual aid fund

Advice from experts on
personal finance
Meet-ups to share experience on different topics

Offsite events

Team coaching

Creating interest-based

Effective communication
Office space lay-out

Arrangement of comfortable work spaces

Office greening

Board games, lounge zones
Corporate training


Individual coaching

Foreign languages learning

Business mentoring

Programs of emotional intelligence development

Psychological consultation
All well-being programs are individual: content depends only on your employees needs
Ready to tell you about the cooperation process in details and answer your questions!
Victoria Delebis
How do we arrange well-being programs?

After registration we contact you and appoint a consultation

To discuss your requests and define if your company needs a well-being program
In case of necessity we consult with the company’s leadership

Interview your team members: on what bothers them the most, what kind of help they need

Analyze what’s missing to meet the company’s request

Carry out the program pilot and adaptation stages to make some further adjustments if necessary
Sign the contract based on the scope of the program, its components and frequency

Prepare the final program and a team of verified specialists for all the directions required
Ready to invest
in your team development in order to grow and scale?!
People with a high life satisfaction level - are the most involved employees!

They don’t miss work and don’t wait until “the bell rings” and they can run away home
they take responsibility for the result and are full of enthusiasm
They get ill less frequently and are full of energy
Both their emotional and physical health is great
They have a lot of brilliant ideas and take initiative themselves, not under the lash
they are involved in the process and share company’s goals
They and go to competitors for a higher salary less often
they feel comfortable in the company and understand that their contribution and ideas are valued
Such employees are not just contractors, but company’s ambassadors:
They share the atmosphere and successes attracting new professionals to the team sharing the same values
What will your reality become?
as well as your employment and retention expenses
They won't have to constantly push and “wake” them up
Everybody will work as a single unit
Coherent actions, there are no mistakes due to inattention
Accepting new change challenges and creating new solutions both for its external and internal clients
World famous International Association of Professionals in People Management CIPD held a research that showed
Well-being programs lead to increase of business success by 6 times!
Non-recurrent activities are ineffective and company
Why to choose well-being programs, rather than single trainings or workshops?
just wastes its funds
Non-recurrent activities don’t provide a deep and complex approach to the problem
«One-day” trainings don’t give a long-term effect and company’s development
Employees don’t take such events seriously
They don’t consider them as a chance to develop rather than as an entertainment
It’s impossible to see the effect of a separate training or workshop
No system - money down the drain

An individual holistic approach based on to the company’s needs
long term result and effective use of resources
What do we guarantee to our clients?
Individual approach:
There are no identical solutions and programs. We take into consideration all the factors, even seasonal one: for example: during autumn depressions we focus on employees' psycho-emotional state

Quality and professionalism:
Our team brought together only verified certified specialists having at least 5-year experience supporting business
We don’t disclosure the information received during our work to third parties. It’s stated in the ICF Code of Ethics and our specialists follow it
Work holistically:
So that you could feel the effect and come to the desired results. We measure the state before and after, assess program KPIs
В нашей команде только проверенные профессионалы
Care about your employees – is the best investment for your business development!
Let’s create a well-being program for your company
Convenient and fast registration, detailed consultation

Customized work at your company's request

Everything is just between you and us – we follow professional ethics
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